Tal Y Taly

Tal Y Tali

Tal Y Tali are Tal Even-Tzur (piano) and Tali Rubinstein (recorder), two unconventional Israeli musicians.

Their original instrumentation and musical aesthetics stand out in the global jazz and world music scene. Tal and Tali’s original music, heavily influenced by Israeli traditional melodies and by their classical and jazz backgrounds, is complex yet accessible; putting strong rhythms alongside simple, beautiful melodies.

Tal y Tali's album was produced by multiple Grammy Award winning Spanish producer Javier Limón.

Tal Even-Tzur’s passion for music began at the age of 8, when she first laid her hands on her parents' piano. Intrigued by its sound, she quickly discovered a passion that would drive her to compose and experiment with the instrument.
In the pursuit of musical experiences, Tal began taking piano lessons with Alona Sagi. After graduating from the music department at Ben-Zvi High School, she continued her studies at the Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music. There she studied with international pianist and composer Alon Yavnai, who encouraged her to work on her compositions and establish her own musical signature.
​​​​​​In 2011 Tal received a scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music, where she completed her B.Mus. and was awarded the Technics Endowed Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement. Tal has studied with a range of outstanding musicians with worldwide recognition; such as JoAnn Brackeen, Alain Mallet, and Greg Osby. Tal participated as leading arranger and player in Javier Limón's album "Promesas de Tierra".

Tali Rubinstein began her recorder studies in elementary school. Encouraged by her teacher Ilana Hiller, she quickly engaged in private lessons, to later dive into professional baroque music performance studies under the guidence of recorder player and opera singer Bracha Kol. Tali began exploring the jazz language with flautist Ilan Salem, whith whom she first experimented improvising on the recorder. Tali graduated with honors from prestigious Israeli music institutions: Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts (Classical Performance), Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, and The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance (Jazz Performance).
Tali received scholarships from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation, and was chosen as the foundation's featured artist of the week in 2013.
She has collaborated with leading Israeli pop and jazz musicians (Yoni Rechter, David Broza, Idan Raichel, Dan Toren, Dana Berger, and Dudu Fisher to name a few) as well as Anat Cohen, Alain Mallet (Paul Simon), Jamey Haddad (Paul Simon), Lew Soloff (Blood Sweat and Tears), and others. Tali performed and arranged (together with Esther Rojas) for multiple Latin Grammy Award winner Alejandro Sanz in the 14th annual Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas, and participated as leading arranger and player in Javier Limón's album "Promesas de Tierra". Tali has recently completed her B.Mus at Berklee College of Music with honors, from which she was awarded a full scholarship as well as the W.S. Kenney award for outstanding achievement.

Hoodna Afrobeat Orchestra

Hoodna Afrobeat Orchestra

Hoodna Afrobeat Orchestra grew up in downtown Tel-Aviv, evolving their groove among the humming and clanging of carpentry and metal workshops.

Brought together by a shared love of African grooves, these 14 young and talented musicians come from diverse musical backgrounds. Living at a cultural crossroad, they create original music blending Afrobeat, Afro-Funk, Ethiopian jazz and Middle Eastern influences into their own unique sound.

Generating a well - deserved buzz in Israel’s exploding music scene and leaving audiences with smiling faces, tired feet and refreshed souls, H.A.O.'s rousing live shows quickly attracted an enthusiastic following. The Orchestra is now working on their first album, to be recorded this December in the Israeli dessert, scheduled for release in March 2015.


Eylon Tushiner - Tenor Saxophone | Udi Raz - Trombone | Eylon Ron - Trumpet | Itamar Ben-Yakir - Trumpet | Elad Gelert - Baritone Saxophone | Anton Falco - Alto Saxophone | Lior Romano - Keyboards | Ian Aylon - Electric Guitar | Amir Sadot - Bass Guitar | Ilan Smilan - Electric Guitar | Matan Asayag - Drums | Rani Birenbaum - Wood Block | Nadav Gaiman - congas | Oded Aloni - chakra Drum


Tal Ben Ari – a.k.a. “Tula”

Tal Ben Ari- a.k.a. "Tula" is a singer and songwriter from Tel Aviv, Israel, based in Barcelona.
She began her singing, piano and dance studies at the age of 7 and spent all of her free time during her childhood full of these activities , showing a special passion for music. In the process of her studies, with her teachers, she explored different areas of music, like jazz, soul and Mediterranean folk, also singing in her hometown choir.
Since arriving in Barcelona in 2005, Tula began working with different groups, emphasizing the formation "08001", and together with eminent soloists, vocalists from the music scene, such as "Peret" and "La Lucrezia", among others. She joined as lead singer on 4 groups of the current music scene in Barcelona. The famous Cuban vocal quartet "Gema 4", the group "Asikides" of Mediterranean "Los Moussakis" ofBalkan influences. she is also collaborating on the new Electro Acapella project "Man Ex Maqina" created by Max Moya, from the famous spanish band" Ojos de Brujo" together with Kumar, Mel Seme, Mu and Ayesha Mendham.
Since 2006, Tal has been participating in the famous worldwide project, "Playing for Change", with whom she recorded several songs and videos and has toured in the United States, England, Brazil and Australia, attributing her voice to the fight for peace and unity through music.

The new álbun "Sheela" reflects this versatile musical and cultural trajectory, fusing different musical styles in 5 different languages, mixing the traditional with modern music, tusing the voice as a primary tool of her compositions.

Mark Eliyahu

Mark Eliyahu Ensemble

Mark Eliyahu Ensemble – Live

Mark Eliyahu, composer, master player of the Persian-Azeri kamancheh andt he Turkish bağlama, and one of the leading and most influential musicians in the Israeli World Music scene, has been living and breathing music from the moment he was born. The son of musician parents, he started traveling the Middle East at the age of 16 to study and research music, and has studied in Greece, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Holland.

Mark has composed and performed music for film, dance companies, and theatre shows, and has composed, arranged, and produced music for various leading artists, such as Rita, Idan Raichel, Ishtar, Sevda (Azerbaijan), and
many others. Mark was chosen by the European Union to represent Israel in various international projects, and has performed on some of the most prestigious stages across the globe with his projects and ensembles, and with his father, Piris Eliyahu.

The Ensemble’s performance is focused mainly on Mark’s latest album, Sands, in which he joined his father, the prominent composer, musicologist, and tar player Piris Eliyahu, to perform together with the Ensemble new
pieces as well as selected excerpts from the soundtrack of the movie Ballad for the Weeping Spring, for which Mark won the Ophir Award (the “Israeli Oscar”) as well as the 2012 Jerusalem Film Festival Award.

The concert’s and the album’s music is based on ancient Central-Asian, Persian, and Middle-Eastern musical traditions, brought together with European and modal harmonies that preserve the essential emotional qualities of the music, while making it accessible and inviting to everyone across boundaries of time and space.

Mark Eliyahu - Kamanche, Baglama,
Piris Eliyahu - Tar , compositions.
Alon Amano Campino- guitar, oud
Adi Rennert - piano
Rani Lorenz - bass
Erez Mounk - percussion, Tabla

Coming Back - official music video


Mark Eliyahu & The New Andalusian Orchestra - Agadir


Mark Eliyahu Ensemble – Karavan


Liron Meyuhas

Liron Meyuhas

Liron Meyuhas in “La Gitana Project”

Percussion artist,singer and song writer Liron is involved in different musical projects,and is promoting her solo performance which entails a variety of world music.
Liron preforms in Israel and across Europe.

Her solo act is rich with original material,percussion adaptations to African songs,Guitar with looper usage,Vocals and percussion(Korg).
This Solo performance is an exciting way to get to know exotic types of instruments including a “Hang drum”(pantam),congas traditional drums.and an electrical sampling machine.
From traditional rhythms to cutting edge modern day sounds, a unique world wide and across time journey.
The length of the performance is around 45 min,texts sung in Hebrew ,English,Portuguese and Italian.
Personal stories concerning the different instruments and songs are shared through out the performance,allowing the audience to take part in a journey not only through the music.

Collaborations and performances abroad -
2013 Concert at the International hang fesvital Milan. Italy
2013 International at the Women in Jazz Festival Rome Italy
2013 Winning the Best Musician Award of the Cultural Israeli Ministry

2011 Asolo performance at the " Baobab festival" , Malmo , Sweden . Theatre Dell Sale in Florence , Italy .
2011 Composition for the Dance /Theatre " Cantiere Ikrea " Fringe Theatre Festival La Strada " " – Poland
2011 Concert at the amphitheater with the jazz quartet " Titta Nesti " – Florence, Italy .
2011 Concert with ethnic /jazz ensemble " Jerusalem peace ensemble" conducted by Amit Arieli International Festival " Adriatico Mediterano " Ancona , Italy .
2011 Concert with the afro-jazz band " Malibra Trio " African Music Festival " Au " Desert " – Florence, Italy
2010 Concert with the African Music band " Fuentes " in the " Flog " auditorium Florence, Italy .

Ron & the red beans

Ron & The Red Beans

After a couple of years, playing with different local swing bands in New Orleans and New York, tap dancer, vocalist and guitar player Ron Freund moved back to Tel Aviv, his home town and formed the RED BEANS JAZZ BAND, a Tel Aviv based group, who plays old swing music, folk, blues traditional and New Orleans style jazz , including live tap dancing.

Habrera Hativeet

Habrera Hativeet

Habrera Hativeet, formed in 1977. The music of Shlomo Bar & Habrera has evolved from authentic Sepharadic African and easten roots. They were the first group to deal with ethnic music and naturally are presenting Israeli fusion.
Shlomo Bar, the moving spirit of "Habrera Hativeet" draws much of his musical inspiration from biblical as well as modern Israeli themes.
"For me," says Shlomo Bar, "music is something eternal without beginning or end. In my music there are elements of prayers, wonder, yearning and messianism."

Members of the band:
Shlomo Bar -Vocals, Percussion
Ilan Ben - Ami - Guitar & Oud
Menashe Sasson - Persian Santur
Nir Sarussi - Violin
Ilan Aviv/ Eldad Sumner - Bass Guitar
Yael Offenbach - Percussion
Albert Eifargon - Sound Engineer



סמבדובום מביאים את חווית המוסיקה הברזילאית האותנטית לקהל הישראלי. בנוסף לנגינת סמבה ברמה הגבוהה ביותר, ההרכב גם מתבל את הרפרטואר שלו בפוהו, שורו ובוסה נובה.

פאוליניו דה ויולה, דוריבל קאיימי, שיקו בוארקי, קרטולה, נואל רוזה, נלסון קאווקיניו, לואיז גונזגה, ג'קסון דו פנדירו, ג'ילברטו ג'יל, קאטנו ולוסו, תום ג'ובים, ז'קוב דו בנדולין ופישינגנייה הם רק חלק מהאומנים שההרכב עיבד ומבצע את החומרים שלהם, כחלק מהרפרטואר הרחב והמגוון שלו.

סמבדובום מורכבת מארבעה מוזיקאים שהחלו לנגן ביחד ב2008. ההצלחה המובהקת של ההופעות הראשונות ביפו העתיקה (במזל אריה) , הפכה את ההופעות השבועיות למקום מפגש של ברזילאים וישראלים מקומיים. לאחר זמן קצר, ההרכב הספיק לקיים מעל 100 הופעות ברחבי הארץ , ביניהם הופעות פתיחה בקונצרט של התזמורת הפילהרמונית הישראלית, בהיכל התרבות בתל אביב במשך שנתיים עוקבות.

כיום, סמבדובום ממשיכים לארח באופן שבועי את הציבור הישראלי והברזילאי, במעגל סמבה ושורו מסורתי וסוער, בהשתתפות אורחים מגוונים.

אנדרה גולובצ'י - שירה וטנטן
דניאל רינג - שירה וקוואקיניו
ניר שטיינברג - וגיטרה 7 מיתרים
עודד אלוני - שירה ופנדירו
מאירה גולובצ'י - שירה

אורחת מיוחדת: סלעית להב - חליל ואקורדיון


Joca Group

Joca Group

JOCA GROUP is an authentic multicultural ensemble led by percussionist/singer-songwriter Joca Perpignan, presenting an acoustic and colorful concert where Brazilian popular music meets a multitude of musical flavors.

The group brings to the stage exquisite musicians with international careers and various musical backgrounds, performing exciting original compositions and arrangements.

The JOCA GROUP has performed its music successfully at many festivals worldwide including: The Red Sea Jazz Festival (Israel), The Punta Del Este Jazz Festival (Uruguay), The Ethno Port Festival (Poland), The Saint Petersburgh Jazz Festival (Russia), The Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival, and recently hosted master Brazilian percussionist Naná Vasconcelos in a Israeli tour.

The players

JOCA PERPIGNAN (Brazil / Israel) // lead vocals & percussion
RONY IWRYN (Uruguay / Israel) // percussion & vocals
MARC KAKON (Morocco / Israel) // guitars, oud , & vocals
YANKALE SEGAL (Israel) // bass & buzuki


“A unique link between the middle east and the Lapa neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro.. Percussionist, singer-songwriter JOCA creates a world music with an unusual good flavor!“ (Tárik de Souza, Billboard Magazine – Brazil)

“JOCA GROUP is a good example for how the Israeli melting pot sounds like. The mix of cultures, tastes and sound. With a great talent and great taste and great songs the group creates new sounds that brings Israel to the world and the world to Israel” (Idan Raichel – Israel’s top world music/pop artist)

“ It was a great pleasure to work with JOCA GROUP – beautifull songs, very well treated and arranged. Joca spread the Brazilian music to the world with affection, professionalism and dignity. Congratulations!” (Naná Vasconcelos – master brazilian percussionist)

“Joca Group moves the percussion to the front stage and gives the right respect to the rhythm and to the drums!” (Ynet – Israel’s lead internet news website)

“My favorite song released in Israel in 2014 is `De Partir Chegar` by Joca Perpignan – it’s composed and sung beautifully, with a wonderful rhythm and arrangement.” (Ben Shalev , Haartez -Israeli lead newspaper, choosing the top 10 songs of the year in Israel)

Marsh Dondurma

Marsh Dondurma

Marsh Dondurma - Neighborhood – In Concert
"Dondurma sounds exactly like love to music" - Ma'ariv "When they lock onto a groove the outcome is irresistible“
- All about jazz

Marsh Dondurma Is a blazing hot Jerusalem based 15 member brass band. Formed just over six years ago, they've been hitting the streets ever since, growing with a new luscious sound. It's Boban Markovic and the Dirty dozen joining a Marrocan Hafla in downtown Ben Yehuda market and Everybody's invited.
And they've been keeping it busy, with 3 studio albums,and an impressive record on the road as well. They've played festivals such as the Montreal Jazz Festival(Canada), the Guca Trumpet Festival (Serbia), the Red Sea Jazz Festival (Israel) and performed in New York, Croatia, China and most recently at the Yeddish Fest in Moscow. They perform regularly around Israel and have cooperated in concerts and recordings with Israeli artists Beri Saharof, Shlomo Gronich, Eviatar Banai and also with New York’s Klezmer legend Frank London. This July catches the band amidst a new adventure – as they head out to the Jewish Festival in Krakow, Poland.
Neighborhood –Marsh Dondurma's 3rd album brings the band’s ever so energetic sound to new heights truly defining the band. It's a geographical map of brass, groove and Middle Eastern tradition.
We present you with the bands ever evolving live act; with new songs just out of the rehearsal room, milestones from previous albums and of course music from the new release. Don’t forget your dancing shoes.